Who Are Those People

A team of motion designers, illustrators and storytellers from Ukraine. We believe that the driving force behind success is collaboration. We strive to transform complex ideas into meaningful stories. We are eager to challenge, experiment and solve problems. With a business-driven approach in mind, our mission is to create with a purpose. Whether you're a small start-up, big company or an agency - let's collaborate, we're always here to help.

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Magic Behind The Process

Great projects are done by a series of small things brought together.
Let's see how we handle this approach.

1. Concept

We analyze the product, define the narrative and describe visual components to set the path we will follow next.

2. Script

Right words always fly around and it's pretty hard to catch ‘em all. At this stage we craft a genuine story our of the most important information.

3. Storyboard

Just like a puzzle, small pieces form a bigger picture. Here we define the general look and feel of each scene and how they work with each other.

4. Illustration

Silhouettes come out of the dark, sloppy lines translate into breathtaking landscapes. From now on every pixel in our story looks like a piece of art.

5. Sound

Everything around us has its own unique voice. At this stage we add music, record voice-over and put sound effects on plate.

6. Animation

We dive deep into another dimension to fight the laws of time and space. Some kind of magic happens and our little drawn world becomes alive.

7. Delivery

Whoosh! The final destination of our journey. Illustrations are stunning, sound is immersive and animation takes your breath. Your video is finally ready to explore the depths of the internet.

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